Cryptillion team strives to accomplish things that will be written in history. We all know that cryptocurrencies became popular at the end of the last year, but analysis showed that payments in real life with cryptos covers less than 1% of any form of payment. So we as crypto enthusiasts decided that something must be done on that part and that’s why we came up with an idea of a fully transparent crypto-backed website.

We want to show and support everyone that are interested and do business with cryptocurrencies, so the first give away will be our e-book about cryptocurrencies, future usecase and fundamentals that are needed to get involved in this game.

We are developing every possible skill by ourselves, so learning from the best is in this game necessary. Our business partners or rather call them crypto believers are welcomed to buy space on our site, so we can show around the world how many people actually do business with cryptocurrencies and that it is not something imaginary as majority still wants to believe. We are here to turn people mind around and change their lives for the better. It is a technology in its infancy so it is very important that we showcase how many of global population already operates with more transparent and faster resources that many wants to blindly reject.

It is a community that we want to build, so people can share their own experience and learn from others. That’s how everybody wins and grows and we think that personal growth is the most important in every aspect of life. As we already work with a digital advertising company we guarantee that our website will be shown in many coffee shops and restaurants across the world and so will be your company logos on our website fully transparent to everyone that will be exposed to ads and will sit around the space our partner is covering.

This means the world will start to take notice that cryptos are not just something imaginary that no-one wants to use, but it is used in everyday life and people use them for everyday operations. As we want our business to grow transparently and legally, we work and cover our spaces with smart contracts that will be signed and sent via e-mail to our customers and partners as we will continue to develop and grow our business. Plan for next year is that we open online shop with crypto thematic and organise educational online shops or business meetings with our community.

Our plan is to grow and help everybody involved and interested in cryptos and we will do it fully transparent and from higher perspective than other cryptonews-websites are willing to cover the content.

We do not want to be over-optimistic, but lets just say that it is possible we will open crypto-exchange in 2020 and launch beta version of Cryptillion which will have an access from mobile app.

Our Team





As a young kid I always questioned schools and prefer self education. So I immediately started to read books by myself. That led me to many great books which I had never heard of in a class. I was attracted to human behaviour, finance, investing, how banks operate, money markets etc. That is why I started my trading journey and it takes me years to develop my understandings of the money market. As did cryptocurrency market begins their revolution I saw the future of the market and start to learn as much as possible everyday, so I can be prepared for what is coming in a few years. And here i am, trying to help crypto-market establish itself as soon as possible between average working class people, because we all know big institutions are in there already.


Psychology is something that I was always interested in. As I proceed with my economics education I realized that I enjoy to invest in things that I believe has a huge potential and after many pages I read I suddenly heard about cryptocurrencies. It took me many hours and sleepless nights to learn skills that are important for every trader and investor. As I learn a lot from my own sources I took notice and learn from everything that successful people all around the world say and do, so I am always happy and grateful that I have the opportunity to learn from them. The truth is that the number of these people is small, but as everything worth of achievement is hard and takes time and persistence, it is not for everybody and I am more than okay with standing tall even when this means that I am most of the time alone.  

Blue the dog (Food lover)

Blue sleeps a lot, and he at first had no idea what we do here at Cryptillion. After few lessons he started whispering us ideas and become very important energy provider. Most of the time he is quiet and lazy, but as he feels our lack of energy he starts to make a show, so we are pushed to cool him down and become focused on our work again. Let’s just say our Blue is a magician that knows when to speak and when to remain silent.