Buy Pixel’s (PIX)

If you have any questions, please mail

The price for each PIX is 100eur in Ether.


Step 1: Install MetaMask

You purchase PIX using ether and MetaMask is a Chrome/Firefox/Opera browser/Brave browser extension that lets you transact with Ethereum without creating a login here.

Install MetaMask to continue. Then reload this page.

Step 2: Login to mainnet

Switch to Main Network and login to your MetaMask wallet. Then reload this page.

Step 3: Enable your account

Click “Enable” in the MetaMask pop-up to enable Ethereum. 

About Pixel (PIX)

If you have any questions, please mail

If you were directed to send payment with PayPal then click here, or email US if you don’t have a PayPal account.

What are Pixel’s (PIX)?

Pixel’s (PIX) are cute little blocks which you can purchase and then attach a picture and website link to. It will show publicly on the homepage. Once you own a Pixel’s (PIX), it is yours and your ownership is enforced by the Ethereum blockchain. You can sell or rent your Square to other people and trade as well. One PIX = 10×10 pixels
Available: 10,000

Who would buy a Pixel’s (PIX)?

Anybody with a crypto-based business should advertise their business here. On this page you will reach like-minded individuals that can become your customers.

People that collect crypto-assets should buy a Square. This is a great vanity asset which you can fully personalize.

People that support ERC-721 and ownership of assets on the blockchain should buy a PIX. Your purchase will help fund travel for the lead author of ERC-721 and everyone’s vision for the blockchain revolution.

How does it work?

  1. Purchase a PIX, take ownership and keep it in your Ethereum wallet.
  2. Upload your image, text and hyperlink onto your square, it shows on the homepagewithin one day.
  3. Transfer/resell your square to somebody else if you like.

The smart contract address is 0xaC5d9DB1aB77031BA06eEA2565cEf1C8dfcEf28A.

Will this website stay online?

We commit to keep this website online for at least ten years from our 2018 launch. We expect extreme interest in Pixel’s (PIX) and we will work hard to keep the website online. This website is under the jurisdiction of the Serbia. If for some reason it becomes impossible for us to continue hosting the site here we will move to a different jurisdiction or make any other temporary modification necessary to comply with local laws.

What is the cost?

The original cost for each PIX is 100eur in Ether (current price per ETH). You can buy any available PIX for this price, and the price won’t change. Every PIX is the same price, so choose the best location on the page before it is sold!

Once you own a PIX, you may resell it at any price to third parties. You negotiate those deals however you like.

It costs 0.0099 ether to personalize the square. The first three times are free.

Is this an investment?

Your PIX entitles you to advertise your image/text/hyperlink on The Ethereum network and the PIX ERC-721 smart contract ensure your access to the features. We believe this is an “advertising expense” for your company. But you should check with your lawyer, tax advisor and financial advisor before purchasing your PIX.

If I own a PIX, can I rent it out?

Yes. If you purchase a PIX then you own that property. You can rent that to another person so that they can display any image/link/text they like on that 10×10 square. You can even set up a smart contract so that all this will be done and enforced by the Ethereum blockchain.

What happens if I lose access to my PIX, can you get it back for me?

No. We do not have access to purchased PIX. This is enforced by the blockchain. We don’t have any way to get it back. And the fact that we can’t get it back is publicly knowable by inspecting our PIX smart contract on the blockchain.

Who Runs This Project?

Irkan and Thomas

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